Radiation Modification of Dispersed Oxides in the Region of Small Doses IV. Radiation Modification of Titanium Oxide


  • Yerevan State University, Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Yerevan, 375049, Armenia


The modification of TiO2, surface properties under the action of small doses (D ≃ 102 Gy) of γ-radiation has been studied. It has been established that the used doses are enough to stimulate polymorphic changes in the surface layers of dispersed TiO2. In spite of the fact that the radiation energy is being absorbed by the volume of the subject, surface structure reconstruction occurs only in the narrow presuperficial layers. The changes of the properties studied (for example, the adsorption ability, crystal density, surface hydroxylic cover concentration, the ratio of acid/base centers) are due to the change of the crystal structure of the initial oxide on γ-iradiation in the region of small doses.


Titanium Oxide, Radiation Modification, Surface Properties, Hydrated Layer Reconstruction, Action of Small Doses.

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