Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Cu-based Alloy Manufactured by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Method


  • Universite de Annaba, Laboratoire LEREC, Departement de physique, Algeria
  • Universite Paris XIII, Laboratory LIMHP. UPR 1311 CNRS, Villetaneuse, 93430, France


Microstructure and properties of Cu1-xZn1-yAl1-z ranging through (0.29 <X< 0.30; 0.74 <Y< 0.75; and 0.83 <Z< 0.96) alloys obtained by the Self- propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) were examined. The microstructural and mechanical properties were examined, respectively by X-ray diffraction, tensile tests and Brinell hardness. The obtained results showed that the modification of composition lead to the formation of new phases. Therefore, this microstructure affects strongly the mechanical properties of the selected samples. In this study, we will also highlight the SHS technology and prove that it can alternate the conventional methods regarding the development of a Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs).



CuZnAl Alloys, Hysteresis, Phase transformation, Psuedoelasticity, SHS Proceeding.

Subject Discipline

Materials Science; Materials Chemistry

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