Anodic Behaviour of Ti-12 in Various Electrolytes


  • University College of Engineering, Osmania University, Department of Chemistry, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500007, India


Anodization of Ti-12 alloy has been carried out in various electrolytes at different constant current densities and temperatures. Kinetics of anodic films was studied in different electrolytes at different constant current densities ranging from 4mAcm-2 to 64mAcm-2 and at different temperatures ranging from 298 to 338K. From the plots of formation voltage (V) vs time (t), rates of formation were calculated. The rate of film formation and breakdown voltage increase with increase in constant current density while decrease with increase in temperature. The kinetics were found better in sulphamic acid electrolyte at room temperature compared to other electrolytes at the same anodizing conditions.


Anodization, Constant Current Density, Formation Rate, Titanium-12

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