On Nagata's Result about Height One Maximal Ideals and Depth One Minimal Prime Ideals (I)


  • Missouri State University, Department of Mathematics, Springfield, Missouri, 65897, United States
  • University of California, Riverside, Department of Mathematics, California, 92521, United States


It is shown that, for all local rings (R,M), there is a canonical bijection between the set DO(R) of depth one minimal prime ideals ω in the completion ^R of R and the set HO(R/Z) of height one maximal ideals ̅M' in the integral closure (R/Z)' of R/Z, where Z := Rad(R). Moreover, for the finite sets D := {V*/V* := (^R/ω)', ω ∈ DO(R)} and H := {V/V := (R/Z)'̅M', ̅M' ∈ HO(R/Z)}:

(a) The elements in D and H are discrete Noetherian valuation rings.

(b) D = {^VH}.


Integral Closure, Completion of a Local Ring, Depth One Minimal Prime Ideal, Height One Maximal Ideal

Subject Discipline

Mathematical Sciences

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Paula Kemp, Louis J. Ratli, Jr., and Kishor Shah, On Nagata's Result About Height One Maximal Ideals and Depth One Minimal Prime Ideals (II), in preparation.

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