Effect of Mammalian Gonadotropins (FSH & LH) on Regressed Testis of the Snake Enhydris enhydris Schneider


  • ESA College of Science, Department of Zoology, Maharashtra, 401202, India
  • E/2, Sagar Vaibhav Society, Mumbai, 400068, India


Aadministration of mammalian gonadotropins (FSH & LH during the regressed phase of testes of the snake Enhydris enhydris induced spermatogenesis, and caused hypertrophy of Leydig cells. The results indicate that the testis of Enhydris enhydris is not refractory to gonadotropin stimulation during regressed phase of the reproductive cycle. It is further suggested that all aspects of testicular function in snakes may be accounted for by a single FSH-like gonadotropin.


Snake, Regressed Testes, Gonadotropins, Spermatogenesis.

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