Influence of Different Hosts on the Adults of Menochilus sexmaculatus (Fabr.) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)


  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Division of Entomology, New Delhi, 110 012, India


Adults of Menochilus sexmaculatus (F.) were fed on several hosts and their effect on the longevity, fecundity and egg size of the predator was studied. Longevity of adult M. sexmaculatus fed on mealy bugs ranged from 22.71 to 40.14 days in males and from 26.14 to 42.71 days in females. In case of those fed on S. litura and C. cephalonica, the period ranged from 2.57 to 3.86 days in both sexes. On an average, 85.71, 22.85, 9.85 and 725.14 eggs were laid by a female when they were fed on Ferrisia vitgata, F. vitgata + Planococcus pacificus, P. pacificus and control (aphids), respectively, Little influence was found on egg size due to feeding on different hosts. Also percentage of egg hatching ranged from 84.22 to 93.65 as against 100 in control.


Menochilus sexmaculatus, Host Influence, Ferrisia virgata, Planococcus pacificus, Multiplication.

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