Parasitoids of some Insects in the Andaman Islands


  • Project Directorate of Biological Control, Bangalore, 560 024, India


During the course of studies on the life histories of insects of the Andaman Islands we observed 38 species of hymenopterous parasitoids belonging to 15 families and one dipteran parasitoid of the family Tachinidae. Eight species of Hraconidae, four species each of Scelionidae, Encyrtidae, and Ichneumonidae, 3 species each of ('teromalidae, Eulophidae and Eupelmidae, 2 species of Bethylidae, one species each of Elasmidae, Eurytomidae, Chalcididae, Ceraphronidae, Chrysididae, Torymidae, Eucharatidae and Tacbillidae are recorded from these islands on different insect hosts. An undescribed Ooencyrtlls sp. is being recorded from the eggs of the endemic subspecies Elymnias cottonis cottonis. Podagrion sp., hitherto recorded from man tid oothecae, is recorded on the larvae of two species of Lepidoptera for the first time.


Andaman Islands, Biological Control, Hyperparasitoids, Parasitoids.

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