Efficacy of Trichoderma Spp. against Pigeonpea Wilt Caused by Fusarium udum Butler


  • Agricultural College Bheernarayanagudi, Gulbarga, Karnataka, 585287, India
  • Gulbarga University, Department of Biochemistry, Gulbarga, Karnataka, 585106, India
  • Agricultural Research Station, Gadag, Karnataka, 585101, India


Trichoderma harzianum isolated from the rhizosphere of healthy pigeonpea plants in wilt -sick plot and other Trichoderma species collected from different places were screened in vitro and in vivo for their antagonistic effect against the pathogen Fusarium udum. Among the bioagents tested. local isolate of Trichoderma harzianum (LI) was found to he the most promising showing maximum inbibitory effect on the mycelial growth (88.69%) of the pathogen. All bioagents were further tested as seed dressing agents for the control of wilt of pigeonpea. The lowest incidence of wilt (20.37%) was observed in the plots where seed treatment was given with the local isolate of Trichoderma harzianum.


Fusarium udum, Pigeonpea, Trichoderma Spp.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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