Relative Safety of Selected Acarieides to Three Hemipteran Natural Enemies of Planthoppers in Rice Ecosystem


  • Directorate of Rice Research (ICAR), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 500 030, India


Greenhouse studies on the toxicity of twelve selected acarieides to hemipteran predators of planthoppers in rice viz., green mirid bug (Cyrtorhitnus lividipennis); brown mirid bug (Tytthus parviceps) and veliid bug (Microvelia douglasi atrolineata) revealed that fenpropathrin at ISO ppm and diafenthiuron at 450 ppm were highly toxic to these predators and need to be avoided in mite pest management programmes in rice. Spiromesifen at 72 ppm, pyriproxifen at 75 ppm, milbemectin at 2.5 ppm and dicofol at 500 ppm were less toxic to these predators and can be preferred. Other acaricides like profenophos (500 ppm), ethion (500 ppm), propargite (570 ppm), abamectin (10 ppm) and fenazaquin (125 ppm) were moderately toxic to these predators and can be selectively used depending on their potential toxicity to the mite species to be tackled in rice ecosystem.


Acarieides, Cyrlorhinus lividipeimis, Microvelia douglasi atrolineata, Miles, Rice, Toxicity, Tytthus parviceps.

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