Power Packed Green Lacewing Feed (PPGF), its Shelf Life and Effect on Reproductive Potential of Mallada desjardinsi (Navas) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)


  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Biological Control Laboratory, Division of Entomology, New Delhi, 110012, India


A semi-synthetic diet named as the power packed green lacewing feed (PPGF), comprising whey protein, soybean granules, proteinex powder and glucon mixed in equal quantity by weight, was developed for Mallada desjardinsi (Navas) for increasing its reproductive potential. The cost of 1000g PPGF was worked out to be Rs. 621.00 (approx. US $14). It had a shelf life of four months at 5-10°C. The females of M. desjardinsi survived for 49 days when fed on the diet stored for eight weeks, on par with the control (58 days). Thereafter, survival declined to the lowest (16.8 days) when fed with the diet stored for 15 weeks. The predator laid maximum eggs (811.2/female) on the diet stored for four weeks, on par with that on diet stored up to eight weeks (774 eggs/female) and the control (888 eggs/female). The fecundity declined to the lowest (220.6 eggs) on PPGF stored for 15 weeks. Per cent hatchability was on par for up to eight weeks and declined significantly, with 33% on the diet stored for 15 weeks. In PPGF+honey (20%) feed combination, another peak of egg laying was recorded in females after 4th week, whereas egg laying ceased in females that were fed with only 20% honey after the 4th week. The females survived for up to 9 weeks maintaining productive age of more than eight weeks. PPGF+honey (20%) offered to the adults of M. astur also enhanced the fecundity (668.0) as against the control (292.14). Besides, other biological attributes were not affected due to the feeding on PPGF. These studies suggest a great potential for commercialization of PPGF in order to promote cheaper production and field utilization of green lacewings.


PPGF, Multiplication, Mallada desjardinsi, M. astur, Shelf Life.

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