Biointensive pest management strategies for the control of bud borer and blossom midge in jasmine


  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Department of Entomology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641003, India


The bud borer and blossom midge are the major pests that attack buds of jasmine, this study represents the effort to demonstrate the potential of biocontrol agents and botanicals on bud damaging insect pests of jasmine at field level. The flower bud damage due to jasmine bud borer and blossom midge were assessed at the bud initiation stage before imposing treatment. Various treatments involving botanicals, biocontrol agents and chemicals were applied to the crop during March month. Application of Beauveria bassiana (NBAIR formulation) at 5g/litre of water three times along with 6 releases of Trichogramma chilonis @100,000/ha at 7 days interval from bud initiation stage was superior in checking the bud borer damage (50 to 86%) and blossom midge (61 to79 %). Regarding yield, treatment with B. bassiana (NBAIR formulation) at 5g/litre of water along with 6 releases of T. chilonis at 7 days interval was superior and gave 2000 kg ha-1 with a cost benefit ratio of 2.50. The study revealed that integrated use of biocontrol agents and biopesticides can provide reliable and effective pest control in jasmine, while reducing pest management cost and chemical exposure to the growers and workers.


Beauveria, blossom midge, budworm, jasmine, Metarhizium, Trichogramma

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Tamil Nadu

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