Laboratory Evaluation of Certain Formulations of Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus against the Larvae of Heliothis armigera


The nuclear polyhedross virus of Heliothis armigera was fonnulated into dusts and wettable powders using indigenous fillers and additives. Results of laboratory evaluation sbowed that talc-based wettable powder formulations of NPV were as elfective as the unformulated virus against second instar larvae of H. armigera on chickpea. Dust formulations were less effective than wettable powder formulations and unformulated virus. The reduced efficacy of the dust formulations was attributed primarily to the reduclton in consumption of treated leaves. Use of acetone in the process of formulations reduced the efficacy of virus. No such reduction In efficacy was noticed when distilled water was used.


NPV, Heliothis armigera, Formulations, Dusts, Wettable Powders.

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