Control of Sugarcane Pyrilla by Epiricania melanoleuca (Fletcher) (Epipyropidae:Lepidoptera) in Puri District of Orissa


The seasonal activity and suppressive action of Epiricania melanoleuca (Fletcher), a nymphal-adult parasite of Pyrilla perpusilla (Wlk.) was studied in an endemic cane growing village of Puri district (Orissa) where the parasite had been introduced against the pest. Peak pyrilla activity was observed in the second fortnight of September whereas, the parasite activity reached its peak activity with a time lag of one month. The parasite:pest ratio which was 1:64 in the second fortnight of August, declined to 1:0.25 in the second fortnight of October, implicating the suppresive role of the parasite over the pest.


Pyrilla perpusilla, Nymphal - Adult Parasite, Epiricania melanoleuca.

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