Carabids (Coleoptera: Carabidae) as Potential Predators on Major Crop Pests in South India


Field investigations in south India revealed the occurrence of six species of carablds viz., Omphra pilosa Klug and Oxylobus dekkanus, Andrewes on termites, Calosoma maderae Fabricius on maize cutworm, Chlaenius panagaeoides Laferte on cowpea aphids, Casnoidea indica Thunberg on paddy brown plant hopper and an arboreal predator, Parena nigrolineata Chaudoir on coconut black headed caterpiUar as potential predators. Their morphologieal characters, seasonal activity, distribution, feeding potential and longevity were studied.


Carabid Predators, Termites, Distribution, Caterpillars.

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