Observations on the Biology of Oxyopes ratnae Tikadar (Arachnida: Oxyopidae) Occurring on Cotton


Studies on the biology of Oxyopes ratnae Tikadar showed that the spider laid on an average 2.8 egg masses during the life span. The average incubation period was 10.1 ± 0.74 days and number of spiderlings emerging per egg mass varied from 30-42, with an average of 35.6 ± 3.82. Males and females passed through 10 and 11 instars, respectively to reach maturity. Male and female spiderlings took an average of 187.20 ± 4.87 and 259.50 ± 4.18 days, respectively to complete the development from egg to adult. The total average life span of adult in case of male and female was 305.8 and 358.80 days, respectively. The males and females mated readily under laboratory conditions, the mating lasted for a few seconds. Mortality during different instars varied from 4.00 to 70.64 %. The females spun silken cocoons before laying eggs and covered them with silken threads. It was also found to take care of the eggs by sitting over them.


Oxyopes ratnae, Biology, Cotton.

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