Population of Predators Associated with Leatbopper in Sunflower


Studies on the population dynamics of arthropod predators were carried out at Ihe Directorate of Oilseeds Research. Rajendranagar, Hyderabad with an ohjective of understanding their association with leafhoppers in sunflower. Among these predators, coccinellids (Cheilomenes sexmaculata and Illeis cincta), bugs (Cyrtorhinus spp. and Geocoris spp.), chrysopid (Chysoperia carnea) and spidcrs (green lynx spider, jumping spider and crab spiders) were found to he prcdating on leafhopper nymphs. The maximum population of C. Sexmaculata was during September and January whereas I. Cincta, Cyrtorhinus spp. and Geocoris spp. populations were maximum during January, C. Cernea and spiders were maximum during September and January, respectively. Population of all the predators excel C. Carnea had positive correlation with leafhopper population. There was negative correlation hetweell the populations of all the predators except C. Carnea and minimum temperature.


Leafhopper, population dynamics, predator, sunflower

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