Submission Process

We encourage you to use the online submission process for faster publication.
1. Website: Please visit www.
2. Register: Please register yourself as an Author (if you are submitting an article)
3. Submission of the article: Please check for the details provided under "Submit an article" and submit the manuscript accordingly.
4. Track your submission: With the username and password provided to you at the time of registering, you can track your submission.

Conditions for Submission

The articles must represent original research material, should not have been published before, and should not be under consideration of publication elsewhere. This however does not include previous publication in the form of an abstract or as part of published literature (review or thesis). It is the duty of the author to obtain the necessary permissions for extensive quotations, tables, illustrations or any other copyrighted material they are using in the paper before a paper can be considered for publication.

Copyright Transfer Form

Copyright of the article gets transferred to the Journal of Academy of Dental Education, once the article has been accepted for publication. The author has to sign the “Copyright Transfer Form” before his/her article is considered for publication. Once the Copyright Transfer statement has been signed by the corresponding author, no change in authorship or in the order of the authors listed on the article would be accepted. Also by signing the above mentioned form, the author reassigns the rights of co-publishing, or translation, if considered necessary in future, to the publisher.

Legal Obligation

While all care has been taken to provide accurate and correct information in accordance with the date of publication, neither the authors, editors nor publisher take any legal responsibility for any unintentional omission or error. The publisher makes no expressed or implied warranty with respect to the information contained herein. The published material cannot be photocopied for the following purposes: general distribution, promotion, new work or resale. If this is required, specific written permission requires to be obtained from the publisher. Exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the articles in this journal have been protected by copyright. This also covers the rights to reproduce or distribute the article as well as the translation rights. No material published in this journal can be reproduced in digital format or stored in form of electronic databases, video disks etc.

1. Copyright Transfer Agreement

I have read the above mentioned details related to copyright of the manuscript submitted and I, ,
the author of ____________________________________________________________________________________, certify that I willingly assign the copyright of my work/title _____________________________________________
to the Journal of Academy of Dental Education who will have the exclusive right of producing (in print or digital format) the complete work or any portion of it.
I hereby certify that the work which I am submitting to the publisher is my own and does not contain any matter which in any way is an infringement of the Copyright law.
Signature: Date Signed:

2. Financial Disclosure

This is to certify that I, _____________________________________________________________________________
The author of ____________________________________________________________________________________
certify that I do not have any commercial association or financial interest in the publication of this manuscript.
Signature: Date:

3. Conflict of Interest

This is to certify that, ___________________________________________________________________________
the author of ____________________________________________________________________________________
certify that there is no conflict of interest regarding the publication of this manuscript.
Signature: Date Signed:                                                  

                                                       Undertaking by Authors

We, the undersigned, give an undertaking to the following effect with regard to our article titled:
Submitted for publication in the Journal of Academy of Dental Education
1. The article mentioned above has not been published or submitted to or accepted for publication in any form, in any other journal.
2. We also vouchsafe that the authorship of this article will not be contested by anyone whose name(s) is/are not listed here.
3. We also agree to the authorship of the article in the following sequence:
Authors’ names (in sequence) Signature of authors

Important Authorship

Individuals identified as authors must have
1) Substantial contribution to conception, design and analysis of data.
2) Drafted the article and reviewed it critically for publication.
3) Final approval of the data to be published.
The order of authorship should be a joint decision. Once submitted, the order cannot be changed without written consent of all the authors.

Conflict of Interest Statement

All sources of institutional, private and corporate financial support for the work within the manuscript must be fully acknowledged and any potential grant holders should be listed.
Authors’ names (in sequence) Signature of authors
2 …………………..
• Two glossy prints for each illustration (10 cm × 8 cm), appropriately
labeled. Illustrations should be cited in the text. Legends should be
submitted on a separate sheet in the manuscript.
• Check all references for accuracy and completeness. Arrange the
references in proper format in numerical order, making sure each is cited
in the text.