Hypolipidaemic Effects of Neem Bark (Azadirachta indica A Juss) in Rabbits


  • J.N.V. University, Reproductive Physiology Section, Department of Zoology, Jodhpur, 342 001, India
  • Udaipur Hospital, Udaipur, India
  • Vyas Clinic, Jodhpur, India


Hyperlipidaemia comprises of common metabolic disorders of plasma lipoproteins, which are often associated with an increased risk of atherosclerotic vascular disease. Increased interest in atherosclerosis prevention and identification of hyperlipidaemia as a risk factor for ischaemic heart disease risk have stimulated the study which block atherosclerotic pathology. In the last two decades both retrospective and prospective studies have shown strong correlation between levels of circulating lipid and mortality rates from coronary atherosclerotic heart disease.

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Health Care and Hospital Management

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