Changes in Maternal Nutritional Status after Childbirth among Urban Elite


  • University of Agricultural Sciences, Extension Education Unit, Bangalore, 560 024, India
  • University of Mysore, Department of Studies in Food Science and Nutrition, 570 006, India


Childbirth and lactation impacts maternal nutrition in several ways. Among the under privileged, effects of child birth and maternal nutrition have been found to be adverse. There is very little information, about maternal nutrition during the period after childbirth, from the developing countries. This is presumably because adverse effects of undernutrition on lactation per se are not striking. Somatic changes and dietary intakes of Indian mothers belonging to the elite group following childbirth have received little attention. A prospective study was conducted to observe and record somatic changes, maternal dietary intakes, breast feeding and postpartum occurrences consequent to childbirth among elite group.

Subject Discipline

Health Care and Hospital Management

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