Impact Assessment of Paperboard Effluent Irrigation on Quality of Rice Grains


  • Kakatiya University, Department of Botany, Warangal, A.P., 506 009, India
  • Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University, Department of Food and Nutrition, PGRC, Hyderabad, 500 030, India


Industrial effluents are being used for irrigation in places nearby the industries of paper, dairy and distillery. Paperboard industrial effluents are mostly used in growing rice and wheat. Rice grain quality is a prime factor from consumer as well as marketing point of view. Grain shape and size are important traits in determining the market value. The consumer's preference depends on their socio-economic status, besides physical dimensions, whiteness and translucence of the milled rice. Organoleptic quality is one of the vital factors for sustaining demands by the consumer's test for the acceptance of any rice variety. There was a scarce of studies about the industrial pollution effects on the physical, sensory and cooking (organoleptic) characteristics. Hence, there is a need to study about the effect of effluents on the quality of rice.

Subject Discipline

Health Care and Hospital Management

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