Nutritional Status and Food Habits of Irular Tribes of Vellore District, Tamilnadu


  • Christian Medical College, RUHSA Department, Vellore, 632209, India


There are about 400 tribal groups in India constituting about eight per cent of the Indian population (Census India, 2001). Wide variations have been noted concerning their food habits from place to place. Though their population is mainly concentrated in the Northern states of the country like, Maharashtra, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkand and Madhya Pradesh, the State of Tamil Nadu also has several tribes scattered In various districts. Vellore district located in Tamil Nadu has few tribes namely, Malayalis, Kattu Naicker, Gonda Reddy and Irulars. Among them, Malayalis and Irulars comprise the major part. There are 1070 tribes living in K.V. Kuppam Block, (Census India, 2001) which includes Irular, Kattu Naicker and Gonda Reddy.

Subject Discipline

Food Science and Technology

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