Transition in the Preparation and Consumption of IDLI among the People of Puducherry


  • Pondicherry University, Department of Food Science and Technology, Puducherry, 605014, India


Fermented foods are of great significance as they provide and preserve vast quantities of nutritious food in a wide diversity of fiavors, aromas and textures which enrich the human diet. Food fermentations are very complex processes because they normaiiy involve the interaction of plant and animal tissues with a group of microorganisms. Idli is one such fermented breakfast food widely consumed in Southern India. It is liked by people mainly due to its sensory attributes such as mouth feel, appearance, taste and aroma. Fermentation time varies from 14 to 24 h with overnight fermentation being the most frequent time interval. Idli is mainly consumed as a breakfast food, though it takes a lot of time for pre-preparation. Eating breakfast is important for the health and development of children and adolescents Studies done by Agostoni and Brighenti reveal that breakfast represents a healthy habit and association with positive health outcomes breakfast should be consistent with local and family dietary traditions. Policies and interventions supportive of breakfast consumption are therefore encouraged. A typical breakfast of cereal rich in complex carbohydrates can help maintain mental performance over the morning.

Subject Discipline

Food Science and Technology

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