Assessment of Eating Attitudes and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors of Female Students Studying Nutrition and Dietetics


  • Necmettin Erbakan Universitesi, Departmant of Nutrition and Dietetics, Turkey


The study seeks to assess eating attitudes and healthy lifestyle behaviors of female students studying Nutrition and Dietetics, a field where dieticians who give right messages about healthy diet are trained. The research was conducted on a total number of 160 female students studying Nutrition and Dietetics. The data were collected through face-to-face interview using questionnaire form. The questionnaire included questions about the socioeconomic features, feeding habits and physical activity levels of students. Then anthropometric measurements were taken and Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-40) and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Scale (HLBS) were administered. SPSS 15.0 software was used to statistically analyze the data. Students' EAT- 40 score average is 13.6±7.4. The prevalence of those with high eating disorder risk is low (2.5%) and their total HLBS score average was found to have an intermediate level (124.1±16). EAT-40 score which shows a potential eating disorder in eating behaviors were found to be significantly high in students who were diagnosed with an illness (p=0.017), those following a diet (p=0.022) and those dissatisfied with their body weight (p=0.00). Total HLBS score on the other hand is significantly higher among students diagnosed with an illness (p=0.03). In conclusion, the study has found that eating disorder prevalence among female students studying Nutrition and Dietetics is low and that their score average from HLBS has an intermediate level.


Nutrition Dietetics Students, Eating Attitudes, Eating Disorder, Healthy Life Habits Anthropometric Measurements.

Subject Discipline

Alternative Medicine

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