Physicochemical Characteristics and Acceptability of Refined Palmoil and Soyabean Oil Blends


  • Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Deemed University, Department of Biochemistry, Coimbatore, India


The demand and regional preference for individual oil causes imbalance in the demand and supply of various vegetable oils. Blending of oils provides an answer to the problem and simultaneously put forward an excellent scope for increasing the thermal stability of oils. Palm oil occupies an intermediate position between the saturated animal fats and highly unsaturated vegetable oils but perhaps tending more towards the saturated fats. It has moderate levels of polyunsaturated fattyacids (PUFA) linoleic (10 per cent) and high levels of palmitic acid (48 per cent) and oleic acid (38 per cent). Soyabean oil is rich in polyunsaturated fattyacids (PUFA) and low in saturated fattyacid. It has 14 per cent saturated fattyacid (SFA) and 24 per cent mono unsaturated fattyacids (MUFA). The presence of high levels of PUFA makes it nutritionally attractive.

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Alternative Medicine

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