Effect of Dietary Fe-Deficiency on Growth Organ Weight, Haemoglobin Formation and Fe59-Retentlon in Rats


  • All-India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition, Calcutta, India
  • Human Nutrition Research Centre, United States


Fe-deficiency anaemia in growing children is well known. Rats show similar type of haematological picture as human. This paper reports the findings of a study that shows the effect of ten-fold reduction of dietary Fe on Fe" uptake, haemoglobin formation, PCV (Packed Cell Volume) per cent, growth rates and organ weights in rats in a short term (42 days) evaluation, under controlled laboratory conditions. Fe levels in the diets were so maintained, that the lower level would result in haemoglobin deficiency while the upper level would be sufficient to maintain normal haematological status.

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Alternative Medicine

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