Biological Availability of β Carotene from Fresh and Dried Green Leafy Vegetables on Preschool Children


  • Sri Avinashilingam Home Science College for Women, Coimbatore, India


Vitamin A deficiency is one of the major public health problems in India, contributing to five million cases of preventable blindness. The most rational method of preventing the tragedy of vitamin A deficiency in children appears to be improving their diets with inexpensive sources of vitamin A such as green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are used in India in both the fresh and dried forms. McDowell states that the carotene content of leafy vegetables is destroyed under direct exposure to sunlight. This paper carries the findings of an investigation on the biological availability of β carotene from fenugreek and drumstick leaves when used in the fresh and dried forms on a selected group of rural preschool children.

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Alternative Medicine

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