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*The School Lunch - A Component of Educational Programmes.

*Few Impressions From A Central American Trip.

*UNICEF To Launch Water Supply Operation.

*ECAFE Resolution On Family Planning.

*Unified Approaches To Development Planning For Seventies Urged.

*World Youth Assembly Held In July Under UN Sponsorship.

*UNICEF Reports On Programme Development.

*International Development Association.

*1974 Designated World Population Year.

*WFP Session Considering Role Of Food Aid.

*Seabird Clue To Marine Pollution.

*Booming Growth In Shrimp Industry Predicated.

*The Insatiable Thirst Of Wheat Plants.

*FAO Fishery Cotnmittee Concludes Session.

*Universities Not Paying Enough Attention To Agriculture.

*Congress Participants Will Provide New Ideas For Reducing World's Food Deficit.

*FAO Takes A Hard Look At Its Field Activities.

*Meat Eaters Get Better Balance Of Essential Amino Acids.

*Proceedings Of The Nutrition Society.

*New FAO Publication Describes Future Protein And Calorie Problem.

*New Sources of Cheap Protein Found The British Research Team's Work.

*Twenty Third World Health Assembly Fourth Report On The World Health Situation.

*Regional Medical Programmes Service: New Information Nutrition And Health.

*Planned Action to Tackle Problems in Environmental Health Proposed.

*Getting People to eat More Fish.

*UNICEF Executive Board Approves New Allocations to Assist Children.

*National Food Congress-1970.

*Meeting Food Packaging Needs of Developing Countries.

*New Industry Joint Venture to Help Solve World Nutrition Problems.

*Methods for Yeast and Mould Count of Foodstuffs.

*The Nutrition Society - Abstracts of Communications.

*SOS - 70.

*Family Planning for Family Health.

*U N Fund for Population Activities.

*Pesticidal Residues in Food Grains.

*Early Detection of Cancer Saves Lives.

*Recipe for Better Health.

*Diabetes and Auto-immune Disease.

*Hereditary Corpulence Healthier.

*Food Storage.

*Seminar On Role Of Youth.

*Draft On Development Strategy For 1970s.

*World Rice Trade Continued to Decline in 1969.

*Tarlok Singh Appointed to UNICEF.

*Biological Effects of Polynucleotides.

*Dehydrated Garlic.


*Codes For Soft Drinks And Ice-Cream Manufacturing Units.

*Dried Shark Fins.

*Meat And Meat Products Methods Of Test.

*Milk Products.

*The Nutrition Society" The Future of Animals as Sources of Human Food.

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