Nutritional Outcomes of a Rural Diet Supplemented with Low Cost Locally Available Foods-VI. Impact on School Children


  • Sri Avinashilingam Home Science College for Women, Coimbatore, India


Nutrition is a prerequisite for optimal growth and development of children. A diet inadequate in quantity and qualitys a relevant factor affecting growth, health and development. Malnutrition at the community level is a man-made disorder characteristic of the under privileged segments of society.' While malnutrition affects the people of all ges, it is agreed that children in genera Ire the worst sufferers from its ravages It has been reported that 0.2 to 5.5 per cent of children suffer from severe forms of kwashiorkor and marasmus and 15 to 20 per cent suffer from severe growth retardation with 65 per cent as victims of mild to moderate malnutrition.

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Health Care and Hospital Management

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