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* World Health Day.

* Tamil Nadu Takes the Lead.

* India Fights the White Plague.

* Brinjals Thrive Under Lights.

* Radio Link may Save Heart Patients.

* £ 1,000,000 Prize Fund for Research.

* Laser Light Arrests Blindness in Diabetes.

* Aberdeen Meeting.

* Harden Conference.

* Manufacture of Whey Protein Concentrate by Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis.

* Method of Test for Total Dye Content in Food Colour Preparations.

* International Sorghum Symposium.

* Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

* Fighting Protein Shortage with Super-Crops and Careful Planning.

* United Nations Commission on Status of Women Ends Session.

* Human Environment Conference.

* IDA Approves $ 14 Million for Bihar's Agricultural Marketing System.

* India Ratifies Agreement for Pepper Community.

* ECAFE Session Calls for Intensified Co-Operation for Self-Sustained Growth 25th Anniversary Declaration Adopted.

* $ 250 Million of Assistance Foreseen by UN Fund for Population.

* WFP-Assisted Milk for Millions Project in India.

* Working Paper on Population Planning by World Bank.

* UNICEF Reports Progress in Asia.

* New Chief of Mission for UN Relief Operation in Dacca Appointed.

* Search for Water in a Thirsty World.

* $ 40.0 Million Credit for Agriculture in Mysore State, India.

* $ 10.0 Million Credit for Fertilizers in India.

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