Calcium, Iron, Thiamine and Ascorbic Acid Content of Three Vegetables Cooked by Three Methods


  • Sri Avinashilingam Home Science College, Coimbatore, India


As early as 1896, Atwater, the great nutritionist, presented a statement of signal value, "The food composition table is intended to replace the previous ones and to serve as a standard of reference until it shall in its turn be replaced by a larger and more complete compilation". Since Atwater's forecast there has been continuous building of data on composition of foods. Yet, as Watt and Murphy point out, there is sharpened need for reliable tables on nutrient composition of foods specially when cooked, because cooking affects the nutrient content of food, Lal and Mitra, Chakravarti and Maiti, Walberg and William and Onate et al.

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Alternative Medicine

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