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*$ 20 Million Credit for Fertilizer Production in India. 

*$ 39 Million Credit for Agriculture in India.

*Sweden and IDA Providing $ 10 Million for Food Grain Storage Facilities in India.

*Second UN Inter-Regional Fertilizer Symposium Concludes in New Delhi.

*United Nations Day, 1971 - Message by Secretary - General.

*Seminar on Future Development of Rice Processing Industry.

*Soil Erosion may Threaten Nepal.

*Special Meeting of Aid Indian Consortium Held in Paris.

*UN Economic and Social Council Discusses Reports of IMF and World Bank.

*Social Impact of Green Revolution.

*Economic and Social Consequences of Arms Race.

*UN High Commission for Refugees Completes Visit to India.

*Panel Submits Proposal to Create UN University.

*Training Course in Family Planning.

*UNESCO is Paving the Way for Tomorrow's World.

*Trend to More and Larger Cities.

*World Population Year and Conference in 1974.

*Eighteenth Meeting of PAG, Rome - February, 1971.

*Tropical Products Institute.

*Milk Starts a Revolution.

*New Senior World Food Programme Advisor in Mexico.

*Revised Indian Standard for Hand Compression Sprayer.

*Smelling Bacteria.

*Sugar and Fats.

*Moist Grain Storage.

*New High Protein Food Made from Fried Milk Curd.

*Foam Protects Tender Crops Against Freeze.

*Nutritive Value of Ragi and Bajra Proteins.

*Aspirin Inhibits Prostaglandins.

*Dr. Ercel S. Eppright Retires.

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