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* Mutton and Goat Meat, Curried and Canned.

* Agar Microbiological Grade.

* Science and Technology Agreement between India and Bulgaria Signed.

* ICNE and Nutrition Committee Members Meet in Atlantic City.

* World Population Reaches Total of 3782 Million.

* International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination is Observed.

* Industrialization Process Being Discussed by High-Level Experts.

* United Nations Prepares for World Food Conference.

* Food, Energy, Raw Materials, External Finance Proclaimed as Priority Problems.

* Second Session of Committee on Science and Technology for Development.

* Seminar on Low-Cost Housing.

* Security Council Approves Six-Month Extension of UNEF.

* UN Supported Project to Reinforce Hyderabad Plant Protection Institute.

* Special Committee Approves Draft Definition of Aggression.

* Two New Roles Proposed for World Food Programme.

* Vocational Guidance and Training.

* Economic and Social Council Opens Fifty-Sixth Session.

* Debate on Raw Materials and Development Concludes.

* Computer Editing of Book.

* Snowflakes Trap Pollution Particles.

* New Medical Product for Incontinence.

* A Fool Proof Identification System.

* New Source of Energy.

* 9th Meeting of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies.

* The First National Nutrition Survey in the United States.

* IV International Congress of Food Science and Technology.

* Nutrition Rehabilitation in Villages of Tamil Nadu.

* 5th Biennial Symposium of Biochemistry and Nutrition.

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