Infant Feeding Formula Based on Chick Pea (Cicer arietinum) its Use as the Sole Food in Healthy Infants


  • Universidad de Chile, Unidad de Nutricion Basica, Departamento de Nutricion, Santiago, Chile
  • Universidad de Chile, Unidad de Nutricion, Departamento de Pediatria, Chile


The biological study of legumes grown in Chile showed that chick pea (Cicer arietinum) has the best protein quality, even better than soy bean (Glycine max). Henceforth our interest to find out the best formulations for its use in child feeding. Several mixtures based on chick pea were developed. They could be administered as bottle feeding, soups, mash or pures and some of them had been recommended to be used in food programmes. The best one was chosen to be tested as the sole protein source in healthy infants with the following purpose: a) to evaluate the biological quality in the human being, studying its growth promoting potentiality during the first months of life where nutritional requirements are very strict, and b) to know its acceptability and tolerance in early life.

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Alternative Medicine

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