Oral Contraceptives and Oral Health: An Insight


  • Dental College, RIMS Imphal, Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology, Manipur, India
  • Dental College, RIMS Imphal, Department of Conservative & Endodontics, Manipur, India


Oral contraceptive pills are a safe and effective means of avoiding pregnancy followed by women worldwide. These drugs were first introduced in 1960s and 70s and contained higher dose of estrogen and progesterone and were reported to cause unwanted side effects like gingival inflammation, localized osteitis, alterations in salivary flow rate, changes in salivary components and gingival melanosis in oral tissues. With the advent of new generation formulations of low dose oral contraceptive pills, the effects on oral health is minimized and presently users are not considered as risk group for developing gingival and periodontal disease. This review briefs the effects of oral contraceptive pills on general health and oral health in particular and controversies surrounding their use.


Oral Contraceptives, Gingivitis, Loss of Attachment, Estrogen, progesterone, Oral Health, Adverse Effects, Side Effects.

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