Management of Mandibular Lateral Incisor with Two Roots: a Case Report


  • Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Department of Conservative, Dentistry & Endodontics, Ferozepur, Punjab, India


Successful outcome of endodontic treatment depends on the identification of all root canals which in turn guarantee complete extirpation of pulp tissue, proper chemo-mechanical cleaning and shaping and three dimensional obturation of the root canal system with an inert filling material. However endodontic treatment can fail for many reasons, such as diagnostic errors, persistence of the infection in the root canal system, errors in debridement and shaping of the root canal systems, instrument fractures, poor restorations and extra roots or canals if not detected are the reasons for failure. Undetected extra roots or root canals have been considered as a major reason for failure of root canal treatment. Many of the challenges faced during root canal treatment may be directly attributed to an inadequate understanding of the canal morphology of teeth. A broad knowledge of both the external and internal anatomy of teeth is of great importance for adequate endodontic treatment. We present a case report of 2 roots in mandibular lateral incisor.


Extra Roots, Root Canal Anatomy, 3 Dimensional Obturation, Mandibular Incisors.

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