Graphs for Research


  • IGNOU, SOCIS, New Delhi, 110068, India


Graph transforms raw data into information, nowadays the electronic environment leads to exponential data growth rate. To analyze such voluminous data, Big Data Analytics is the upcoming field, where Graphs plays dominant role. Further, in any research, this graphical representation of the data strengthens the data analysis to a great extent. Business Data Analytics uses statistical techniques to a great extent; the outcomes of such techniques are generally represented in the form of graphs for better interpretation and analysis. In this paper after studying lots of research work from various disciplines, a brief report of the various types of graphs is prepared along with their area of application and possible alternative techniques. The work performed in this paper is domain independent, and the outcome of the performed work will help to strengthen the research in all disciplines and domain.


Application Areas, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Types of Graphs, Statistical Techniques.

Subject Discipline

Software Engineering

Full Text:


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