Future Technology and Service Industry: A Case study of Travel and Tourism Industry


  • IGNOU, School of Tourism and Hospitality Service Management (SOTHSM), Assistant Professor, Delhi, India


Travel and tourism the most vibrant segment of service industry is backbone of almost 35 countries and each country desires to augment its world share for the reason that it is the best source of earning foreign exchange. Today’s world civilization is technology savoir-faire and altering accordingly at a fast pace. In future, Space Tourism and Ocean Depth Tourism will become new-fangled precincts of movement. Virgin Galactic, Space Adventure Company, World View, Google Lunar, Astrobotic, Blue Origin, SpaceX Project, Sierra Nevada, Orbital ATK, Finnair etc. are in the pursuit of Space Tourism Development. Space Hotels will be fashioned and populace will go on Moon for enjoying their holidays. In future, with the help of smart, sensible and talking computers search for extra-terrestrial intelligence will be improved. In upcoming year’s new pink tourist, personage regular travellers, back packers, older generation tourist and couples travelling farthest areas/sites will raise new forms of tourism and tourist sites. Upcoming tourist will become negligent, informed, urbane, self-governing, impatient and thrilled. Smart phone and Social Media will turn out to be guide, escort and agent. Make use of Space Technology in transportation network will revolutionized mobility of tourist. Tour planning will be grandee, open and exceedingly personalised. The periphery among leisure and exertion will be dissolved by digital technology. Tourist will appraise every aspects of tourism on interactive experiences base (personal and others) and social media opinion will matter a lot. Future tourist will be highly conversant, elegant, knowledgeable, refined, ordering online, anticipate speedy response and well linked to social network. In view of that services and training of service support staff will renovate. In future CSR, Crisis Management, Environmental concern, Ethics, Legal Rights and Contact less payments will be very high-flying. The current paper is the study of upcoming travel and tourism blueprint and type of technology going to decide world tourism trend.


Digital Technology, 3 D Printing, Maglev, Space Tourism, Space Hotel, Social Media

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