Competency Based Corporate e-Learning Systems – An Appraisal


  • M. P. Birla Institute of Management, Bangalore, India


Corporate e-Learning initiatives are often being implemented with too little consideration for organizational issues; potential benefits of e-Learning as a tool for creating organizational competencies are usually not realized to a full extent. Thus the focus of the present paper is on integrating Corporate e-Learning and Competency for the organizational environment. The paper widely discusses on important aspects and benefits of linking these two important concepts for utilizing human capital to the maximum possible extent. The paper puts forth fifteen different sub themes which contribute greater extent for the success of corporate on technological platform.


Competency, Corporate e-learning, Competency Based Corporate E-learning (CbceL), Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Personal Learning Plan (PLP), Employee Assessment (EA), Value Added Courses (VAC), Just-in-time (JIT), Soft Skills Training (SST), etc.

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