Earthquake Disaster Management in Different Countries - Influence of Culture of Region


  • S. J. College of Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mysuru, 570 006, India


This paper attempts to provide an insight to some of the problems associated with infrastructure from earthquakes and the performance of infrastructure during earthquake all over the globe. The Indian scenario is briefly discussed in comparison to other countries and hence emphasis is made to enhance practices of earthquake resistant construction in the country. Some of the concepts of earthquake engineering are explained through pictures from past earthquakes. It is emphasised that the places where the seismic design is followed, the damaging effects of earthquake are minimum. It is also stressed that earthquake disaster management in India should further improve so as to reduce loss of life and economic loss during disasters. Besides, the influencing effects of culture of the region on effective earthquake disaster management are briefly discussed. It is inferred that cultural barriers may hinder the disaster management process at least in the present situation. However, gradually disaster management is likely to become global and reduce the inter-cultural barriers.


Performance of Structures, Cultures and Liquefaction.

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