Challenges in Disaster Management


  • M. P. Birla Institute of Management, Bengaluru, India


According to the International Disaster Database and IMF, disasters have been hitting the world continuously and has increased steadily since 1960 dipping only in the past decade. During the last decade of last millennium, natural disasters have killed about 6.7 million people, accounting for 88 percent of all deaths due to disasters. Nearly two-thirds of the people killed in these disasters hail from developing countries. Millions of people are affected every year and natural disasters are huge economic burdens on developing economics as insured loss is less than economic losses compared to developed countries.

The need of the hour is to chalk out a multi-pronged strategy for total disaster management to reduce the toll of disasters in the country. The best strategy is to be Proactive rather than reactive in tackling natural disasters and in mitigating the disasters in case of natural or man-made disasters.


Disasters, Impact, Earthquake, Cyclone, Floods and Challenges.

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