Subhash Sharma: New Ideas in Strategic Thinking and Management - A Knowledge Tree of New Age Mantras. First Edition, 2016


This book under review is based on the original work of Subhash Sharma in the area of Strategic Management. It is divided into five parts. There are sixteen chapters which is further sub divided into 89 themes. The author has followed phase-wise enumeration of theme of each part. In the area of knowledge creation, the three approaches i.e. quantitative - empirical, qualitative conceptual and creative –meditative are enumerated in detail. The description of the thought process moving from quantitative empirical to creative meditative is described by typology metrics. The author has succinctly divided intuition reality approaches into the above these to elucidate research approaches. Interestingly, approaches to research in mathematics, economics and social science have rationality & logic as their bases. The freedom of thought process uses words, metaphors and symbols to describe a concept. The author makes a comparison of scientific approach as against the approaches of scientists from psychology and physics and mathematics. The author documents some of the creative media research approaches which are likely to open up doors for rethinking. The limitation of the part one is that of accepting spirituality in the domain of scientific frame work. The author’s contribution to enumerate thought processes using acronym is a thoughtful idea. Phrases such as VITAL, Diya, Rishi, META, WISDOM are all facilitators to capture and recapitulate the scientific method of investigation.

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Business Management

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