Quality Improvement in Healthcare - A Diagnostic Study


  • SSMRV Institute of Management, Bengaluru, karnataka, 560041, India


This paper dwells upon certain recent developments which have the potential to significantly contribute to quality improvement in human healthcare. Also discussed are quality elevating tools like Yoga, Meditation, Prayer and Auto-healing. A case study in this context is included to highlight the impact of these tools in total health care.


Auto-healing, Ayurveda, Cancer treatment, Healthcare, Positivity, Yoga

Full Text:


Hegde, B. M.: Auto healing: Open page, The Hindu, September 15, 2015.

Dailies: The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Times of India and the monthly Reader’s Digest.

Classical texts a) Yogasutra by Maharshi Patanjali b) Chapter 6: Dhyana Yoga: Bhagavadgita


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